Urological Specialists

Extensive education is routinely given to patients requiring a Radical Prostatectomy, Nephrectomy or Cystectomy. You will require a pre-operative appointment with one of our Specialist Urology nurses, Rhonnie Harman, Teresa Smilovic or Stu Willder, prior to your particular procedure. This appointment helps you understand further the nature of your surgery and what to expect each day during your post operative recovery. This will also provide you with the opportunity to ask and have answered any additional questions you may have related to your surgical procedure.

Education sessions are sometimes required for other procedures. If this is the case, an appointment with the nurse will be organised at the time your procedure is booked. These education sessions are also available at your request if you feel you need some extra information. Simply phone our rooms and ask for an appointment.

The Specialist Nurse services are not covered by Medicare and there is a small, non-rebatable fee required for an individual consultation with the nurse.