Urological Specialists

Once you have made an appointment to see Mr. Grills or Dr. McLeod, you will be sent a letter detailing your:

  • Appointment time and date
  • Fee for your consultation.
  • Information on any other special instructions or requirements that may be needed before or at the time of your appointment – e.g. flow rate study or bladder scan, bladder diary, extra blood tests or x-rays that may be needed.
  • Enclosed with this letter will be a Patient Data Sheet.

On the Patient Data Sheet you will be asked to provide us with your personal details, Medicare, DVA and/or pension card details and information of your Private Hospital Insurance. You will also be asked to detail your current medications and past medical history. It is important that you complete the Patient Data Sheet and return it in the envelope provided, prior to your appointment. Print it out and return it to our office by post or email. If you have been given a referral letter by your GP, then you should also enclose your referral. Gathering your information in this manner allows our staff to create a patient file and arrange other tests that may be necessary for you prior to your appointment. Doing so will save you time and may reduce the need for further appointments.

If you do not have a referral, please contact your GP to ensure one has been sent to our Geelong rooms.

You will also need to bring the following with you to your appointment

  • X-rays or disks of relevant investigations
  • A list of medications (if not provided on your Patient Data Sheet)

Please ensure you report to reception when you arrive for your appointment to see Mr. Grills or Dr. McLeod.