Urological Specialists

During your first visit to West Coast Urology, your specialist (Mr. Grills or Dr. McLeod) will review the referral letter provided by your GP and ask you questions about your medical history and presenting condition. It is likely that you will also require a physical examination and extra tests to assist your specialist in determining your diagnosis.

If you require a follow up appointment with your specialist, our admin staff will book this for you at the end of your consultation. Alternatively, if you are required to have a surgical procedure, our staff will assist you to arrange this and provide you with the detailed information you need regarding your procedure.

This information includes providing you with an Informed Financial Consent which will detail your specialists fee, your anticipated rebate and any out of pocket expense. For more information on fees please click here.

Following your consultation, your specialist will send a letter to your referring doctor detailing the outcome of your consultation and any plans for further management.