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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my procedure be performed on the day of my consultation?

Generally speaking, no.  You will be booked on the next available theatre list which is suitable for the type of procedure you are having. After your consultation with A. Prof Grills, Dr. McLeod or Mr. Preece, your surgeon will advise the reception staff when the procedure is to be scheduled. They will assist with arranging your hospital booking.


How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

At West Coast Urology we endeavour to have patients seen as soon as possible with patients booked into the next available appointment time. GP referral letters sent to our rooms are triaged by A. Prof Grills, Dr. McLeod and Mr. Preece to assess the urgency of the problem.

How long will my appointment take?

New patient appointments take around 15 minutes, however more complex conditions may require a longer appointment.

Review patient appointments are generally 5-10 minutes, although this may vary from patient to patient.

Please note that as this is a busy surgical practice Mr. Grills, Dr. McLeod and Mr. Preece are infrequently called away to attend surgical emergencies. On occasions this may mean they run behind and your appointment could be delayed or on rare occasions your consultation may need to be rescheduled. We thank you for your understanding with this. 

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Yes. An important part of co-ordinating your care is when your GP “refers” you to a specialist for services they are unable to provide. Additionally, in order to obtain a Medicare rebate for medical services, all patients attending a specialist must have a valid referral from a GP.

When your GP refers you to a specialist, they are recommending you see a doctor whose opinion they trust and feel is qualified to diagnose your specific condition. In your referral letter your GP will provide necessary information including your medical history and presenting condition. Together your GP and specialist will communicate to ensure you receive the best possible care.

What should I expect during my initial appointment?

During your first visit to West Coast Urology, your specialist (A. Prof Grills, Dr. McLeod or Mr. Preece) will review the referral letter provided by your GP and ask you questions about your medical history and presenting condition. It is likely that you will also require a physical examination and extra tests to assist your specialist in determining your diagnosis.

If you require a follow up appointment with your specialist, our admin staff will book this for you at the end of your consultation. Alternatively, if you are required to have a surgical procedure, our staff will assist you to arrange this and provide you with the detailed information you need regarding your procedure. This information includes providing you with an Informed Financial Consent which will detail your specialists fee, your anticipated rebate and any out of pocket expense.

Following your consultation, your specialist will send a letter to your referring doctor detailing the outcome of your consultation and any plans for further management.

Where do I park?
  1. Myers Street and Moorabool Street – On street metered car parking available
  2. Little Ryrie Street Car Park – 3 hour council metered car park. From the Little Ryrie Street car park it is only a short walk up Baylie Place to the St John of God Specialist Centre where the West Coast Urology consulting rooms are located.
  3. St John of God Hospital Car Park. Car parking is on site and is situated across 3 levels under the main hospital building. The entrance is from Myers St.
Do we accept referrals from uninsured patients?

Yes. We can see any patient that has a referral from their GP. If you require surgery in a private hospital you can opt to self-fund, however, there may be considerable out of pocket costs. You will be provided with a quote beforehand.

Although our surgeons have appointments at Barwon Health (Geelong University Hospital), they are unfortunately unable to bypass the public urology outpatient clinic and surgical waiting list.

Do we see children?

A. Prof Grills, Dr. McLeod and Mr. Preece are ‘adult’ trained urologists. Children should be referred to a specialist ‘paediatric surgeon’. However, they are usually happy to see teenagers and young adults.