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Urological Surgeons

Urology Nurses

Teresa Smilovic (Urology Nurse)- Geelong

Stu Willder (Nurse Practitioner)- Hamilton

At West Coast Urology we have a strong commitment to excellence in patient care, and an integral part of this is the role played by our urology nursing team. 


The nursing service is led by Teresa Smilovic; an exceptionally experienced urology nurse. 

The nurses role in our practice is multi-faceted. They assist A. Prof Grills, Dr McLeod and Mr Preece with minor procedures in the rooms.
Under direction they independently perform procedures,  including:

  • administration of treatments for bladder cancer, prostate cancer and some bladder disorders 
  • catheter insertion and catheter management
  • teaching intermittent self catheterisation
  • hormone injections
  • erectile dysfunction treatments
  • urinary flow rates and bladder scans

In Geelong, their position is affiliated with St John of God Hospital, where they play a role in nursing education and support of the hospital’s urology services. They plays a very active role in patient education and also supports our patients whilst they are in hospital with daily visits or more frequently if required. You may have an appointment with a nurse before surgery. They are always a valuable source of advice regarding treatments and management strategies for the urological conditions experienced by our patients. 

Our nurses are friendly and approachable, and are passionately committed to providing excellence in nursing care. They work part-time and are available during office hours Monday to Friday. They are available for telephone support as well as face-to-face sessions as required. 

Please note that some of their specialist services are not covered by Medicare and there may be a non-rebatable fee for a nurse consultation at West Coast Urology.


Based in Hamilton, Stu works as a Urology and Men’s Health Nurse Practitioner. 

Stu provides outreach services across the Western District, supporting country patients undergoing local surgery in Hamilton and those having more complex surgical procedures performed in Geelong. With a background in Intensive Care and Emergency, Stu provides essential care to Urological patients across the region. 

As an endorsed Nurse Practitioner, he provides an important clinical role in the management of Urological patients, including nurse cystoscopist, penile rehabilitation and case management procedures.

Stu facilitates telehealth service enabling ease of access to specialist Urolgoical care in both Warrnambool and Hamilton. The use of video conferencing has been shown to greatly reduce travel burden for the patient and improve outcomes.