Urological Specialists

Debi Hamilton - Geelong

Debi has been offering counselling services in Geelong for 19 years. She is now working with men and their partners following prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, and is a member of the Geelong Prostate Cancer Support Group.

As anyone touched by prostate cancer will know, treatment can result in side effects that will have profound consequences for men and their partners. Many men will find these issues difficult to talk about:

  • depression
  • erectile dysfunction
  • masculinity
  • intimacy

Partners, too, may experience grief, anxiety and depression, and wonder how to deal with changes to intimacy in their relationship.

Psychological counselling can help in a number of ways—it can provide a private space separate from one’s social connections in which to discuss deeply personal feelings and concerns; experiences of anxiety, sadness, anger and grief can be explored; and new strategies for dealing with issues from anxiety through to intimacy and sexual functioning can be identified.

Debi can be contacted for enquires and appointments:

Ph (03) 9398 4559 or 0403 150 294.



Rochelle Hamilton - Geelong Sexologist

Rochelle is a clinical sexologist who offers sex counselling to all who feel they may require assistance to understand and accept themselves as sexual beings and meet their sexual goals. Rochelle maintains a broad perspective within this area by being aware of and taking into consideration important variables that influence one's sexual being. These include one's biological, psychological, sociological, cultural and historical influences. Rochelle practices with evidence-based treatments and comes from a non-judgmental framework.

Barwon Consulting Suites
Shop 10, 147 Marshalltown Road, Grovedale
Ph: 5243 7773
Fax: 5243 7778


 Note: Debi Hamilton and Rochelle Hamilton DO NOT work out of West Coast Urology rooms, and do have their own separate consulating rooms.