Urological Specialists

Robotic Surgery in Geelong has expanded further and is now being performed on Barwon Health patients. In his role of Director of Urological Surgery at Barwon Health Mr Grills has established a program where public hospital patients can now access robotic surgery technology through a partnership between Barwon Health and Geelong Private Hospital.

This collaboration which began in March 2017 has successfully treated almost 30 patients in the last 8 months and has resulted in a significant reduction in the length of time that patients need to stay in hospital after prostate cancer surgery (radical prostatectomy), with most patients being discharged the day after the operation. The program also one of the very few Australian public hospital robotic programs (and the only one in a regional centre) where local urology trainees, under direct supervision are being trained in robotic surgery. Click on the link to view the video which describes in more detail Barwon Health the  program  https://vimeo.com/barwonhealth/roboticurologicalsurgery