Urological Specialists

This new technology has been recently introduced to Geelong by Dr McLeod. This specialised surgical procedure is a treatment for certain types of urinary incontinence and voiding difficulties. It is mainly used for detrusor overactivity and incomplete bladder emptying.

Sacral nerve stimulation was developed in the early 1980s and was approved in Europe in 1994. It can improve your quality of life by eliminating or greatly reducing the symptoms for many people suffering from:

  • urinary retention
  • over active bladder

Sacral nerve stimulation helps to restore normal nerve activity so that you can urinate normally. It uses a small implanted medical device to send mild electrical pulses to a nerve located just above the tailbone. It is performed in 2 stages:

  • Test phase
  • Implant phase


Patients who experience relief from their symptoms during the test stimulation may be candidates for a permanent implant.


More information is available from this link -  Medtronic patient brochure


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