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Coronavirus (COVID19) is a concern for us all. Here at West Coast Urology we have taken measures to reduce transmission including increased cleaning and increasing hand disinfectant availability for patients. 

If you have symptoms of a cold or flu it is probably best that you do not come to our offices for an appointment until you are well. Please feel free to contact us and we will reschedule your visit on (03) 5229 8550.

If you would prefer a telehealth consultation so you don’t have to come into the offices please contact your surgeon so we can plan a phone call. This is only appropriate for reviews, not first appointments.

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Robotic Surgery in Geelong

Robotic Surgery in Geelong has expanded further and is now being performed on Barwon Health patients. In his role of Director of Urological Surgery at Barwon Health Mr Grills has established a program where public hospital patients can now access robotic surgery technology through a partnership between Barwon Health and Geelong Private Hospital.

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Research project wins national award

A 2 year study led by Mr Grills looking at treatment of kidney stones was recognised as the most innovative research project at the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand’s  Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra earlier in the year. 

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The practice of pre-operative fasting aims to minimise residual gastric volume and acidity prior to surgery. This helps to prevent regurgitation, inhalation and aspiration of gastric contents and in doing so makes your surgery safer. Your fasting requirements will be confirmed by the Pre-admissions staff the day prior to your surgery.

Generally however the following apply :

Morning Operation
You may be asked to fast from midnight the day before your procedure. This will require you to not eat or drink the morning of your operation.

Afternoon Operation
You may be able to have a light early morning breakfast (cereal, tea and toast), generally before 6am on the day of your operation.


The Pre-admissions staff will notify you of the exact time you are required to fast from. You must have not anything to eat or drink from this time.
If you have any questions regarding these fasting instructions, please contact the Pre-admissions staff of the relevant hospital or West Coast Urology.